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Chapter 15 of Things Fall Apart!

I got the latest chapter back from HexFiles with some corrections. I did them, but they'll probably be posted later. Meanwhile, since tomorrow I'm travelling, I decided to do the posting now. So the new chapter is up on all the usual sites.

I was nervous about this chapter for ff.net. I was afraid that it would go beyond their idea of an M rating. Then just yesterday, I heard they were enforcing the policy again. So I quickly did an edited version of chapter 15. Yep, I cut out the more explicit sexual parts.
This made me think of why I write sexual content in the first place. Sure, it's hot, and sometimes we do read fics for that, but I like to read and write about them being intimate. I want to write down how I imagine it when they come together. I love to read how they feel, what they think about. It's a part of the story for me. I won't write sex into a story just for the porn. I think some authors do that, and after a while it gets boring. When it's in there, it's important, it has a purpose for me. It defines their relationship. It still has to be hot, though.

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"Draco, how did you know?" He was curious, and the alcohol gave him the courage to ask.

"My parents suspected ever since I was little. However, when we had the Yule Ball, Pansy insisted on getting a goodnight kiss. It was the vilest thing I've ever done... Now when Anthony Goldstein pulled me into an alcove during that horrible seventh year, that was the highlight of the whole year." Draco remembered fondly.

"A kiss?" Harry asked, hissing the 's' like a snake and put down his empty glass to fill it up again.

"Harry, believe me, you can know from a kiss. Sure, it was a bit strange at first, but it felt right. The things I've done since then just confirmed it." Draco finished his glass too and refilled. 

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Chapter 14 of Things Fall Apart!

I'm posting the chapter everywhere now! It's a very important chapter, I just can't wait for everyone to read it.


"Come, sit down Harry!" the other man motioned for him to join him and Harry took him up on his offer. "Had a bit too much? Me too," Draco said as Harry nodded.

"Big day."

"Yes, big day."

"Thanks for having the children over."

"Don't be silly. Where would you put them? A couple of other families are staying here too. Tomorrow it'll be like one big family picnic. It'll be fun, you'll see."

"Ginny's in Thailand."

"I know. Have you come to a decision yet?"

"Yes. Today. As I was standing there, looking at the couples. ...

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DeviantArt - http://fav.me/d52et6z

Chapter 13 of Things Fall Apart!

The Potter Children by ~Iksia

Yes, I'm posting a new chapter. I'm also done with 15, which is going to Icicle soon, I just want to read it again. Chapter 14 is already with her.

Chapter 13 is mostly about moving the plot forward. It also has a very nice scene between Harry and Draco. A lot of reviewers want to see Ginny gone. She is essentially gone now, but Harry is still stalling coming to a decision about her. It's his marriage and she is the mother of his children. It's hard for him to let her go, even though we all know he should.

(Picture is The Potter Children by ~Iksia)


"Rest, Harry. You have dark circles under your eyes. Not sleeping well?" he inquired.

"More like none at all."

"Too much on your mind?" His tone was soft and open, prompting Harry to be frank with his friend.


"Harry," Draco began and ran a hand through Harry's thick hair. "I know that the loss of the Weasleys is hard on you. However, now you have me and you will always have me. I suspect we'll have our differences, but I will never abandon you. Remember, on the train, when I asked you to be my friend?"

Harry nodded. He allowed his eyes to close since Draco playing with his hair felt really good.

"I wanted that so much. I always did. Now that I have you where I want you, I'm going to make sure that you never think about me as your enemy again." 

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DeviantArt - http://fav.me/d51a6st

Chapter 12 of Things Fall Apart!


Yep, you're seeing right. I promised you this week, I'm giving you this week. A funny thing that happened is that I always post first on Hex Files. So far, all of my 11 chapters came back from them, needing minor corrections. So I was waiting for the email, but it's been a day, so I went to check out if they had a note next to my chapter title or something. Sometimes they do that. Only to discover, that the chapter was already up! No corrections! So thank you, my lovely betas. :D
Chapter 13 is already undergoing its final edit. Came back from Icicle. So I'm posting that next week for sure. 14 is still waiting first edit, then going to Icicle, so hopefully it will be up the week after that. Chapter 15 is still being written, but about halfway done. I'm really excited about that one, because it has the most Drarry so far. Therefore, all of you waiting for the Drarry, not long now.
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Post: Things Fall Apart, Ch.9

Finally posted a new chapter! Being ill and my eyes getting light sensitive didn't help in my progress. Now I have a writer's block. I tried to start the new chapter, but it just felt bad, not inspired at all. I do have some things like health concerns and my 29th birthday on my mind, which is on the 13th. It also occurred to me that perhaps I was getting a bit stuck in the POV of Harry and my next chapter was actually more about progressing Hermione's story. So, I thought of writing a one-shot from Hermione's POV to see her side more. It would be about her life in Malfoy Manor and how she ended up going to the Ball. I already started it a bit, and I felt that it was not bad. So I may complete that before a new chapter.

Post: Things Fall Apart, Ch.8

I actually posted chapter 8 today! YAY! It's my longest chapter yet and full of the Malfoys. I really love my description of how Harry approaches the Manor. I can't wait to have people read it. It's always so interesting to hear what people are saying, what they think.

Of course, now that chapter 8 is up, everyone is wondering how chapter 9 is going. Well, I'm almost done with it. It's rather long as well. It has an event which is mentioned in chapter 8. There is a bit that I'm slightly unsure of, I'll just have to see what my betas say about it. Another bit worth mentioning is a monologue. Technically it's a bit long to have uninterrupted, but it wouldn't work otherwise. I had some problem with typing after writing it, you may guess why. The remaining part is the culmination of the whole chapter. I just had a bit of an idea to put in there, so now I'm going to put that into my chapter notes. .... Done. Ah, cool! That's going to be so classic Malfoy. Now I had to go and add some tidbits here and there as well in chapter 9. Told you it was almost ready!

Our World

I have recently posted chapter 7 on The Hex Files. Until tomorrow I'll only have it up there as it's really late and I'm very sleepy, but it is there.

When I sent the new chapter to them they had a little problem with my capitalising "Our World" in my story and it made me think about just why I did that. This is what I wrote:
I'm doing that in a sort of a reference to Gone With the Wind. There is a part where Rhett speaks about the purpose of war as opposed to the true purpose and he says something like "Cause with a capital "C"" in irony. So "Our World" is kind of ironic in the sense that it's said by people who think that it's their world and that they are doing what is best for it, but it's best for them actually most of the time. I could make a lengthy comparison here about how the different people in the story think about "Our World", but the story does speak for itself.

A little update on the coming chapters. Chapter 9 is coming along nicely, have 1200 words finished. I've set the scene, now is the time when the Malfoy family enters it properly. I still haven't decided what Hermione is wearing for a costume ball. If you have an idea for her, feel free to send it my way. Everyone else I've already decided.

Have fun reading and review if you feel like it.

Post: Things Fall Apart, Ch.4

This morning I got my chapter back from HexFiles, so I quickly made the changes and uploaded the latest chapter to all the usual places. It will probably take a while for it to appear on all the sites, especially HexFiles. Now I'm off to have breakfast, especially coffee! I'm also going to have the juice of a grapefruit that I'm going to sqeeze. Hopefully the vitamin C is going to give me more energy.

Finally on HexFiles

I finally posted chapter 4 on The Hex Files. Once it gets accepted there, I will post it on the other sites as well. I was so late with this one! My mom came for a visit and I just couldn't let my very Virgo mom see the mess that is usually my apartment, even if she did come with the intent of cleaning. Then she came and we went to buy me some new trainers for spring as my old ones walked around Munich, then Scotland last year and a lot during the fall too. Of course, now they look really worn and since I dress really smart most of the time, even my casual clothes, I couldn't let them ruin my ensamble.

The next day we bought new jeans. I didn't have any wearable black ones and also bought a pair of dark blues as they were on sale. 20% off and they fit me like a glove! My ass looks nice too. :D

I also saw a doctor last week in my home town. Nothing big, but I've had some problems all my life and sometimes I just need to have them checked. After that I ended up working all day.

Once weekend rolled around, I was so tired I just rested all day and watched the telly.

This week I'm still very sleepy. I don't know what's up, I sleep so much every day. Hopefully this weekend I'll finally manage to get over it. It could just be that the weather is getting warmer and I'm usually affected by these changes. Time to sleep again.

Post: Things Fall Apart, Ch.3

Zelda HawkeThis is Zelda Hawke, the reason why I'm a little late with my chapter.

I finally posted chapter 3 on all my usual places. I have two betas now and my, it was work looking through their edits. I was a bit late posting this chapter, but I was so caught up in Dragon Age II and spending time with my mom over the Hungarian national holidays that I simply forgot what day it was. Yeah, it happens.

My new beta, Icicle is helping me with my style. Her questions made me think of how I want to write and in my answers I put in some thoughts into writing on the subject. It was nice to actually express what I think about my writing and what I want to achieve. So I decided to copy some things here in order to remember them.

"I actually don't like short descriptions. In the past, I could have written the whole story in 10 pages. I had to work on being able to put more substance into the descriptions and such. I try to give details to things that point to the history of an object, or the person, communicate feelings (like the part about the Malfoy estate that is in chapter 7). I feel that these make the narrative more colorful and less abrupt. I never read anything that is under 10 000 words, for example. Perhaps it's partly because of the culture where I come from. Writers here feel that description is more important than dialog and often have much more of the first than of the second. I love adding little details. Take the candle for example. It partly gives me an excuse to have Harry stand up from his desk, because otherwise he would stay there all day and not meet Malfoy, which then gives him the idea of seeking help from him. Then the whole thing about the desk is there to emphasize what a miserable situation he is in. It was once said about Raymond Chandler that he used the description of a room to make us aware of the psychological state of the one in it. That is how I use environment."

"About my long sentences, I love them. I like to keep them long to string the words like beads on a necklace. When it's short, it's so because I want to drop a bead. When there are a lot of short sentences it feels clipped to me. Like the person doesn't want to spend the time."

"I guess I am kind of an old fashioned writer. Perhaps because the first time I realised I could write better than regular people was when I was in Hungarian Literature class in 6th grade. We had to write a prose version of a part of a long epic poem named Toldi. I still recall as I wrote about the moon, the church, the marshes from where the protagonist approached the house. It took me about 50 minutes to write when everyone was ready in 15. Next week, the teacher said that there was one work that stood above the others and she had to read it out to show how it could be done. I didn't think it would be mine. I felt embarrassed that I wrote for so long as my handwriting is generally snail-paced. So she started reading and I was startled to hear my words. I think I was as read as a tomato. It really was beautiful, not a single conversation in it. With everything I write, I try to bring back that wonder of the moon, the church and the marshes."

"Though I don't want to copy Jókai either, who is famous for writing too long descriptions. I once started on one of his books, 'The Golden Man'. The movies is great. I gave up on the book on page 22, where all the previous pages were about the Danube flowing. Really. I think I screamed at that point and would have thrown it against the wall, had it not been a library copy. I only threw 'New Moon' against the wall at page 144. Bella made me angry and I wanted to wring her neck."

While I was writing this, I already got my first review! Happy dance! I love my reviews and I get excited every time I get notification of one. I even get excited when someone adds me to story alerts on Fanfiction.net. It means that one more person is waiting for little ol' me to post a new chapter, or to be done.